Flesh Eating Cheerleaders Holiday Special

Created by Dren Productions LLC

The girls are back for this holiday-themed, one-shot, adult horror story!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Series: Spirit of Lust
29 days ago – Thu, Mar 02, 2023 at 05:39:36 AM

We're announcing our new series - The Spirit of Lust.

The Spirit of Lust is an erotic paranormal fantasy about a young woman who dies unexpectedly, but finds that she hasn't moved on. She is a ghost and she cannot touch, and cannot feel. That is what she craves the most, to feel anything. The only way this can happen is if she inhabits the body of the living. When she does, she becomes a spirit of pure lust.

We have plenty to see in this comic, and it will be one that won't disappoint. See the covers we're bringing to this campaign.

So head on over and check it out, and click that "Notify Me" button to get informed the moment the campaign goes live!

Thanks all!


Issue 6 is Up and Running!
2 months ago – Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 05:25:00 AM

If you haven't seen yet, our campaign for the final issue of 6 of Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders is live!

We've been running for 24 hours now, and we've already surpassed our goal and have unlocked several stretch goals-including our new art book!

So, head on over and check it out! We'd love to bring you another awesome issue of Flesh-Eating Cheerleaders.

Thanks all!


Shipping Update
4 months ago – Fri, Dec 09, 2022 at 11:27:05 PM

Hey everyone, just to update you, and before I go into my story (if you're also getting the Flesh Eating Cheerleaders 5 books, you will probably have seen this already), but your books start shipping out today. We were actually prepped to have them go out early this week, but we had a bit of a hold-up.

So, if you're familiar with our books, your familiar with our cover artist Gregbo. For our Flesh Eating Cheerleaders 5 book (which is also getting prepped to ship) we offered a sketch cover with an original sketch by him. 

We've been waiting on the sketch covers to arrive. Gregbo had them and he sent them before Thanksgiving, but they never showed up with the distributor (even though the tracking shows them as delivered on like November 28th.). So, we've been investigating this over the last week or so, and trying to figure out what happened to them. Then last night, I got this email from our distributor...

So, it appears that somebody stole all of the sketch covers (including the ones with Gregbo's sketches on them).  I have no more words here. Everytime I think we've seen the worst, something else occurs.

So, this held us up this week while we were trying to figure out what happened, because everything from both of these (since many of you backed both) are shipping out together. But, now that we've got everything figured out, as I said, the Holiday Special books are going out today, and the Flesh Eating Cheerleaders 5 will start shipping in a few more days. Either way, for our people in the U.S. (and possibly Canada, though I make no promises) your books should still arrive before Christmas, which was our goal!

Anyway, thanks all! Have a Happy Holiday!


5 months ago – Sat, Nov 05, 2022 at 09:03:12 AM

Hey guys, 

We're busily working, and should have some digital files to you by the weekend.  

The books were sent off to the printer, and the wheels are in motion. We just placed the order for the last product... the poker chips. So everything is looking good, and we should still (fingers crossed) be ready to ship in about a month!

I don't have much more to tell you at the moment. So, I will just leave it there. 

Thanks all!


Woohoo! We Did It!
6 months ago – Thu, Oct 06, 2022 at 12:11:45 AM

Thank you all! You are truly awesome!

We made our funding goal, we passed that last stretch goal! 

So, we didn't get that last add-on in. But we figured since it was only a few hours left in the campaign, we would just wait for it and add the Christmas Card add-on to the pledge manager! So, those are still coming guys!

Anyway, you guys have been awesome. We sold out of our prints. And we had more of you grab our holofoil covers than EVER before! So, that's just awesome!

So, what's next? We catch our breath. In a couple of weeks, we will launch the pledge manager for you. And then we will collect your info, and get your books out to you! 


For those of you who have been asking about getting Flesh Eating Cheerleaders 1-5 or single individual issues. The pledge manager for Flesh Eating Cheerleaders 5 when up today, and they are available there.

So, anyone still interested, there you go. Head on over! 


On another note, Dren will be at NYCC (myself included). We have a larger booth this year (because we've grown so much over the last couple years).  We have a bunch of exclusives, and great giveaways. So, come on down and see us if you'll be in attendance. We'd love to meet you! We will be at booth 4037 in the exhibitor hall! 

Thanks all!