Flesh Eating Cheerleaders Holiday Special

Created by Dren Productions LLC

The girls are back for this holiday-themed, one-shot, adult horror story!

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More updates!
6 months ago – Thu, Sep 29, 2022 at 09:22:47 PM

All right! We hit another stretch goal! So, we have a mini-print coming your way. So let's all get excited!!!

And we forgot to mention this in our earlier update. Yes, we unlocked the holofoil, but what does that actually mean?

We have a special holofoil cover available for you. We have it set up as both an add-on and it's own reward level. The holofoils will cost $30, and will be limited to what is ordered. If we have 50 orders, there will only be 50 copies of these made. If we have 100, there will be 100, and so on. So, this is a special limited edition cover, that will ONLY be available here during the campaign. Once the campaign is over, it will no longer be available. So if this is something you would like, now would be the time to grab it. 

Then, we promised you a few more stretch goals. We'll start with the next one, which you already knew about. This is the 10k goal, and when we hit it, all physical backers will be getting a wonderful poker chip! 

But what's after that? Well, take a look! We have a second print, and then a second holofoil cover to unlock! 

That's it for the moment, but we'll likely have another update for you later today! 

We have a cool one to check out this afternoon that we think will be right up your alley! Flickering Lights is a haunting sci-fi comic of loneliness and desire.

The crew of the space vessel, the Demeter, have been mysteriously transported across the universe. As if being lost and unable to ever reach home wasn't bad enough, strange lights have begun following the ship. With each visit, the lights leave behind lust and madness. The crew is caught in the wilds of the universe, and there is nowhere they can run or hide.  The lights are coming.

It's got some nice art, and some excellent looking covers that we are sure you will like, and the story sounds like something to enjoy as well! 

So, head on over and check it out!

Thanks all!


More Stuff for You!
6 months ago – Wed, Sep 28, 2022 at 02:22:41 PM

We didn't get to get back on last night (kids were being a little rambunctious). But we got on first thing this morning to update you guys!

Once again, thanks for all your support! You've helped exceed our expectations once again. Since our update yesterday, we've unlocked 3 more stretch goals!

Take a look at the cool stuff you're getting!

So, what's up next? Well, we still have the print and the poker chip coming up. And as we said yesterday, we are a snowball's throw away from this 9K goal!

We'll be updating again in a few hours, we're sure. When that next update comes, we'll be sharing some more stretch goals with you!

As we usually do, we like to recommend some other comics that we think you will like. The ones today both look awesome! 

The first one up is called Dreamquest, by our friends at Fried Comics. We've really enjoyed their Prison Bitches of War series, so we know they put out good stuff. This one looks like it's going to be intense.

Margo Carter goes beyond the Wall of Sleep to rescue her great-uncle Randolph, but the monster Nyarlathotep stands in her way. This is a Lovecraftian inspired one-shot that you need to check out. It's got some nice art, and a few awesome-looking covers. 

Go and check this one out!

Then we have The Adventures of JP Cummings, which just looks like a lot of sexy fun.


The art on this one looks really nice, and they too have a bunch of covers, including our favorite one that you can see below. But this is going to be part 1 of a 2 part mini-series, so you can jump in now and get in on the adventure from the beginning. 

Head on over!

Thanks all!


Incredible Start!
6 months ago – Wed, Sep 28, 2022 at 12:02:35 PM

Hey all,

What can I say, you guys rock!

We passed our initial goal within 30 minutes of launching this, and that's all thanks to all of you. So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!

But thanks aren't enough, it's time for the Stretch Goals! And let me tell you, you guys deserve them. 

We're going to do the Stretch Goals a little differently for this campaign, since it is so short. Instead of announcing one or two at a time, we're going to just give you a whole bunch of them at once! I know that should make you happy. But don't worry, we'll still be back to update each time one of them gets unlocked, and we'll have a few other surprises for you as well!

Anyway, here they are, and guess what, you guys beat me to announcing the first one, and we are a snowballs throw away from the second!

Like we usually do, we're going to start with the logo magnet. We love them, you love them, so let's keep making them! 

Our second goal and the others will include a number of different things. We're going to unlock some awesome digital wallpapers (we actually have a whole bunch for you), then we're going to unlock a special holofoil with a brand-new cover! After that, we'll be adding some extra pinups to our book (as you can see in the image below, we're still finishing up some of the images). Then we'll have our first mini-print, followed by the first (and for this campaign, only) poker chip. 

We will have more. But what they will be will remain to be seen! The faster we unlock these, the faster we'll get to those next stretch goals!

Seriously, thank you all! We cannot do this without you!